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Extreme 4x4 Super Jeep And Raw Nature Day Tours

A commercial super jeep day tours is a great experience. What if you could take it a step further?

This trip combines raw nature and the driver’s lifestyle while traveling in the drivers own 4x4 Super Jeep. These extremely modified jeeps are put to the limits in the unforgiving environment giving you something to remember. The owners have been evolving their cars for years, making them bigger, stronger and more powerful! Explore rarely driven routes, glaciers and famous nature wonders the way the locals do it.

Super Jeep Trip A: 7-8 hours.
Super Jeep Trip B: Extreme: 10-12 hours.
Minimum: Please call for details.
Included: Pick-up and drop-off.
To bring along: Warm clothes.
Price A trip: 29.900 ISK per person.
Price B trip: 39.900 ISK per person.