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Equipment and Rental

AdventureBox offers only the best quality gear to make your day trip more comfortable. We believe the right gear is one of the most important things to a successful day.

The Surf gear
The GUL Vortex Steamer 6/5/4 wetsuit made from 100% G-Flex neoprene for maximum flexibility and warmth. This suit keeps you warm the whole time and you never feel cold! Thick 7mm wet shoe along with 5mm glove.

We do not use soft boards or training boards. Our surfboards are the real deal, GUL Minimal size from 7”4 - 8” an all purpose boards that suits everyone.

The Snorkeling gear
GUL shadow dry suit and thermo fleece inner layer for maximum comfortable and warmth. Also you get a 5mm glove, 7mm wet shoe along with wet hoot and easy fix snorkel.

You can also choose between the dry suit and the wetsuit if want to have the chance to dive down (free dive).

Ocean swim/Bathing
We do provide gloves, hoods and shoes. This makes your swim / bath in the fresh cold arctic sea easier. This gear is usually used in the winter but an optional all year round.

Surfboard - Minimal: 11.000,-ISK (leash and wax included).
Dry Suit: 4.900,-ISK (Shoes, gloves and hood included), extra day 1.000 ISK
Wet Suit: 4.900,-ISK (Shoes, gloves and hood included), extra day 1.000 ISK
Wet Shoes: 500,-ISK
Wet Gloves: 500,-ISK
Surf Hood: 500,-ISK


Film Your Adventure
Let us capture your adventure and turn your memories into a movie. We have a wide range of filming experience from common filming to working in the most extreme environments. The fact is that memories last forever, but they are hard to show to your friends and family.